(Place Of Origin:Hubei China (mainland) Brand Name:Argus )
  • aerogel insulation keba Turnkey Solar Panel Production Line
  • Price:USD 3.00
  • Min. Order :1 Unit
  • Region:China
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Product Detail
Quick Details
  • Place Of Origin:Hubei China (mainland)
  • Brand Name:Argus
  • Model Number:Solar Panel Production Line
  • Specification:Normal
  • Application:Industrial,for Producing Solar Panels
  • Output Voltage (v):220v And 380v/50~60hz
  • Load Power (w):5mw 10mw 30mw 50mw 100mw
  • Solar Power (w):0w~300w
  • Work Time (h):8hrs/16hrs
  • Including:Installation Delivery And Training
  • Space Required:At Least 3000 Sm
  • Temperature:25℃±2℃
  • Raw Material Warehouse:Needed
  • Purification Plant:2 Needed
  • Storehouse:Needed
  • Working Time:How Many Hrs Do Your Staff Work In One Day? How Many Days In One Year?
  • Annual Capacity:What Is Your Expect Annual Production Power Of The Production Line?
  • Solar Panel:What Power Of Solar Panel Do You Want To Produce?
aerogel insulation keba Turnkey Solar Panel Production Line
1. For producing solar panels;
2. Main equipments from us;

aerogel insulation keba  Turnkey Solar Panel Production Line


First, we have to know 3 things to make a full trunkey project.

1. How many hrs do your staff work in one day? How many days in one year?

2. What is your expect annual production power of the production line? 5mW? 10mW? 30mW?...?

3. What kind of solar panel you want to produce? 230W....?

Notes: Different answers, different amouts of equipments are needed.


Summarize of Our Solar Panel Production Line

1. Production Scale: 

Annual 5MW 10MW 30MW 100MW output solar cell module production capability.

2. Main Content: 

The project intends to invest USD182,970.00, place cover over 3000m2 of plant, purchasing the production equipments, test devices and other tools to compose the solar cell module production line. It is including the installation and training in the turnkey project. 10MWp initial capability can be expended to 30MWp in six month, then to 50MWp in near future.  


Project Structure of Our Solar Panel Production Line

1. Product and Capability:

The project scale is 10MWp and can be expended to 30MWp. The specification of the solar cell module is 1~280W. The specific size can be adjusted according to the demand of the market. 

2. The Production Process

Layout Image of Our Solar Panel Production Line


Main Equipment of Our Solar Panel Production Line

1) Main Production Equipment: Cell Test Apparatus, Laser Scribing Machine, Laminated Machine, Framing Machine.

2) Main Test Equipment: Module Test Apparatus, EL Defects Tester.  

3) Other Auxiliary Equipment and Tools: Welding Work Table,Layingtable,Handtrucks, Welding Model and other equipments and tools.The Production Environment

Plant area is 3000m2. The requirements for the environment are as follows:

1) Except for the special requirements, the light intensity, temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure, ventilation and disposal facilities in plant should be able to achieve the general requirements of electronic products for assembly plant. 

2) The temperature of repository for Solar Cell, EVA, TPT is 25°C±2°C.

3) The plant for solar cell scribing, welding, solar module laying and laminating should be general purification plant, room temperature should be 25°C-30°C

4) The room temperature of plant for solar cell test and module test should be 25°C±2°C.

According to the above requirements and the demand of the process, it needs to build Raw Material Warehouse, Preparation Workshop Plant, Solar Module Laminating and Packing Line (Purification Plant), Solar Cell and Module Testing Line(Purification Plant) and Storehouse. 

All Equipments and Auxilaries of Solar Panel Production Line



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